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The CAE software EPLAN is widely used in industry and is increasingly required as a prerequisite for orders. Many clients now specify an EPLAN basic project that already has structural specifications and the standards used integrated. We support you so that you can also create customer-specific projects with your EPLAN installation. The basis for our consulting is a methodical, systematic approach with a goal defined by you. Based on many years of experience with companies from large corporations to small businesses, we can show you how you can use EPLAN efficiently. The concept is adapted to your company and not a rigid construct that unnecessarily devours resources.

We can offer you the following key areas:

Installation & administration

Even with a simple installation for a workstation, a few points must be observed so that an update-proof basis is created. If customer projects are to be processed, it is important how the master data is managed. If master data is required in different versions, it must be ensured during installation that certain parts or all of the master data are created with separate versions.

Before the installation, take your time and clarify important points with us that influence your installation method. We offer this support for single-user installations or for company networks with many users. The correct installation and storage of the master data is the basic requirement for efficient work.

We offer the following services in the Installation & Administration module:

    • Customized implementation concepts
    • EPLAN installation (single user, corporate infrastructure, terminal server)
    • Support for setting up SQL servers
    • Support for version changes
    • Data migration
    • Structure of article database
    • Macro project
    • Distribution of settings (add-on technology)
    • Provision of helpful tools (Script & API)
    • Check and optimize system environment
    • Provision of detailed documentation (wiki with customer access)
Standardization & Automation

Standardization begins with the smallest component! That’s why we help you to standardize the part macros, circuit diagram, fluid, overview and structure pages so that they can be used for the EPLAN designer and the generation at the end of the process. We also advise you that the information is maintained in such a way that further EPLAN modules can be used at a later point in time without having to revise everything again.

We would be happy to advise you on the existing solutions or implement customer-specific solutions in scripting or API for you. In the blog or under the articles you will find application examples or videos of the existing products.

We offer the following services in the Standardization & Automation module:

    • Define standards for the structure of EPLAN projects
    • Templates for positions and device sizes (macro and schematic project)
    • Tools to support macro maintenance
    • Define standards for exports
    • Uniform procedure for all users (supported by script extensions)
    • Bulk export with predefined paths and filenames
    • Backup management and archiving
    • Project completion
    • Review of existing standards and projects and their optimization
    • Detailed documentation on the standards and extensions (wiki with customer access)
Configuration & Generation

The final goal of the previous steps is the generation of mechatronic projects. We will guide you systematically to this goal. If you manually insert existing functions into a project, the step towards automatic generation is only small and comprehensible for you. We can support you in building configurable functions and devices. The construction of the structure is decisive as to whether the generation effort remains manageable or not. For the implementation, we can support you with the Cogineer, EEC, and API.

We offer the following services in the Configuration & Generation module:

    • Specification of structures and functions that can be generated
    • Structure of generable data
    • Organization of function macros
    • Coordination between EPLAN designers and the generation side
    • Support for using EPLAN EEC
    • Support for generation using EPLAN API
    • Review of existing basics and optimization
    • Detailed documentation on structures and programming (wiki with customer access)

If you need a customer-specific adaptation for our standard products, or if you need a completely new solution, you can buy the required day’s hereafter consultation with us. In connection with EPLAN, we offer scripting technology (in the standard EPLAN license scope) or the API interface, which is subject to a fee from EPLAN.

We offer the following services in the programming module:

    • EPLAN script solutions
    • Applications to optimize processes
    • API solutions for EPLAN
    • Interfaces in external systems
Supported EPLAN software/modules
    • Electric P8
    • EPLAN Harness Pro 3D
    • Multilanguage
    • Revision management
    • SPS
    • Single line
    • EEC
    • API
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